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Privacy Policy

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The E-Government Department runs the website of the Government of Fujairah ( The Department has the right to add to the content of this policy, delete from it or modify it whenever it wishes without the need for prior notification.

Collection and Use of Information

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Our main concern is the trust of the website visitors and their faith in the confidentiality of their data. The site shall not collect any personal information unless provided voluntarily through the participation in any activity that requires personal information from the visitor. The site shall collect the necessary personal data when the visitor requests any services or information from the site. “Personal Data” refers to data that is unique to an individual, who is specified or can be specified through such information. It is also the information that is required from the person when visiting one of the governmental departments such as name, address or telephone number. On the other side, the site gathers information for statistical purposes. Computer name whether desktop or server, type of browser, name of service provider, time and date of visit, the pages visited on the site by the person and the address of the previously visited site. This information will help us know how the public uses the website; hence, we can continuously improve the services. The site cannot obtain information from a specific person and does not attempt to obtain personal information about the individuals who visit the site and draw a picture of them. The visitor may be asked to participate voluntarily and under his/her wish in the polls organized by the site. If the visitor chooses not to participate, this shall not affect the visitor’s use of the features and privileges on the website.



Any of the pages or applications of this site may use cookies. These cookies are small or short files that are stored on the hard drive of the user’s computer. These cookies are used to trace stored information and avoid re-providing the information each time the websites is used. The information gathered through cookies on this site is handled the same way as other gathered information. You can set the site browser to reject such cookies or to inform you when attempting to send you a cookie. You can also check the hard drive and delete such cookies.

Connecting to Other Sites

This site is connected to a number of sites, in particular those run by governmental institutions, nonprofit organizations and private sector institutions. Thus, “The Official Portal of E-Government Services” website is not responsible for the contents or privacy of such sites, hence, we urge you to check and review their privacy and confidentiality data.



​The site is responsible for the protection of the provided data or the data it obtains and collects. The site is also responsible for taking necessary measures, such as data certification, monitoring, editing and encryption to ensure data security.

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