Business Licenses

Business Licenses

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Investors can obtain up to 100% ownership operational license under the following categories according to their lease agreement with the authority:

Trading & General Trading License

Authorized to import, export and re-export agreed and specified commodities. The license entitles the investor to carry out import, export and re-export freely in the Free Zone and outside the UAE For local distribution, the Authority can arrange special permits with the relevant Government departments for hassle- free operations.

Warehousing License

Can be obtained on leasing warehousing facilities. This license entitles the investor to use the warehouse as a hub for major distribution, benefiting storage and packaging of goods.

Manufacturing License

Obtained on approval and implementation of the project. All projects must be fully insured including manpower and machinery. All manufacturing license approvals are subject to the identification of the following:

  • Area requirements - built-up and open space
  • Electricity, water and manpower requirements
  • Environmental aspects of the project
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