Trading Regulations in Fujairah​

Trading Regulations in Fujairah​


International manufacturers and exporters may conduct business with Fujairah by concluding transactions directly with importers and traders who are already established in the market. This type of arrangement may be suitable for low-volume trade. However, for an ongoing business relationship, overseas companies may well want to consider a more permanent form of representation.

Commercial Agencies

​​A foreign company wishing to supply goods and services from abroad, but without establishing a physical presence in ​F​ujairah, may find it advantageous to appoint a commercial agent. The main provision of the Federal Commercial Agency Law No 18 of 1981 is that the agent must be a UAE ​national or a company 100 percent owned by UAE nationals. A commercial agent may not carry out activities in the UAE unless its name is entered in the Commercial Agency Registry maintained at the UAE Ministry of Economy.


It is possible for an overseas trader to appoint a local Distributor to distribute the products in the UAE market. Unlike a Commercial Agent, the Distributor can be any locally registered company including companies with foreign ownership.

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