Sports in Fujairah

Sports in Fujairah

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The world’s most favorite sport is, not surprisingly, Fujairah’s favorite sport too. From amateur football matches between friends on the beach, on the street or in the park to professional ones in the stadium, a football match is always taking place. Slippery football (literally playing football on a soaped surface) is also quite popular as it provides a fun and exciting angle to the traditional sport. Fujairah has its own stadium, called The Fujairah Club Stadium and it is home to the Fujairah SC (Sports Club).​​.

Water sports are extremely p​opular in Fujairah. Being the only Emirate that borders the Indian Ocean, Fujairah offers unique marine life and unique sights. Everything from swimming to diving to snorkeling to fishing to more extreme water sports, such as kayaking, parasailing and much more. Most hotels can arrange for you to enjoy the water sport of your choice and the Fujairah International Marine Club also offers many of the aforementioned sports.

Fujairah has had the great opportunity to host several powerboat races. F1, F2 and X-CAT races have all had Fujairah as part of their championships. The waters of the Indian Ocean offer racers a tough challenge and the spectators are treated to an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

The season will kick-off with a fishing competition. There will be three prizes for the heaviest catches, three prizes for the longest catches, a prize for the most unusual catch, and to encourage female participation, FIMC will have 3 prizes for competing ladies.

Hiking in Fujairah is a fun experience as it takes you through the scenic Hajar Mountains. There are several trails available. One of the most popular hikes is at Ain Al Ghamour, set amongst springs, waterfalls and valleys. Mountain Climbing As there’s no shortage of mountains in Fujairah; it’s naturally a hot-spot for adventure seekers looking to climb some of the highest peaks in the country. The Hajar Mountains provide a vast mountainous terrain. Climbers are advised to be well prepared as the climbs can be treacherous. : Cycling Through winding wadis and steep mountain ridges, cycling in Fujairah is a real treat. Known for being a car dependent country, the UAE can be unfriendly towards cyclists. However, the landscape of Fujairah provides cyclists with an opportunity to cycle safely in the beautiful and serene nature of the Emirate.

The Fujairah International Half Marathon is a new addition to the UAE sports calendar. This annual event is held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Crown Prince of Fujairah. The Fujairah Half Marathon involves a distance of 21.0975 km. where men and women of all ages and nationalities participates there are also races in the following categories: 10km run for men 5km for youth, 3km for sub-juniors, 2km for mothers and children 1 km race for wheelchair athletes.

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