How to Start a Business ​in Fujairah Free Zone

How to Start a Business ​in Fujairah Free Zone

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​​​​​​Investors wishing to establish projects in Fujairah Free Zone should follow the procedures set out below to obtain the necessary approval:

Submission of a completed questionnaire available from the Fujairah Free Zone Authority, together with the following:

  • Certificate of Registration of your Parent Company incorporating the origin of the country, along with the legal papers relating to the establishment of the Company.
  • Legalized certificate indicating the Proprietor, the Board of Directors and appointed Manager. An application for the utilities required for Water, Electricity and planning documents along with the feasibility study of the project.

In the case of manufacturing units, a project report detailing the process has to be submitted to the Authority for environment clearance.

Initial approvals will be given in accordance with the evaluation of the submitted papers, the authenticity of the project based on the infrastructure of the Port and the Airport.

Once the initial approval is granted, full references and documentation will be required to submit to the Executive Committee (Headed by the Chairman) for final approval.

After obtaining final approval from the Executive Committee, the Authority will sign the contract with the Authorized representative of the company upon fulfilling the following terms:

  • Financial dues.
  • Insurance for the staff and the premises
  • Registration of your parent company (in original) from the concerned Embassy, also the same should be notarized by the Fujairah Chamber of Commerce.
  • Authorized Representative should hold a Power of Attorney from the Proprietor.
  • In case of any shareholders, the names should be provided to enable us to incorporate the same in the Lease Agreement
  • ​All will be in accordance w​ith the terms of the contract.

​ The Detailed building plan must be submitted to the Authority for approval, before construction of the Building.

Operational licenses will be issued after the Company has been registered with the Chamber of Commerce, and a copy of the registration to be provided for the Authority’s records. To reinforce its leading position as a major hub for international trading activities and improve the overall performance of the national economy, the UAE has always been keen to develop its legal system in line with international standards since the formation of the union in 1971.

License Fees in Fujairah Free Zone

  • Licensing Charges Sheet:
  • Amendment Type and Cost in AED
  • Changing the name of the Company 5,000​
  • Changing the activity 2,000+New License fee
  • Changing the person in charge 1,000
  • Changing from FZE to FZC & from FZC to FZE 5,000
  • Changes in PartnerShip 2,000
  • Attestation 100 per Document
  • NOC for opening branch inside UAE 500, outside UAE 1000
  • Mortgage Letter 1,000
  • Reissuance of License, Incorporation, etc For any reason 1,000
  • Delay in returning the lease agreement, article of incorporation for signature (more than 15 days) 1,000
  • Advertising in Newspaper 1,000
  • NOC For Alcohol Permit 100​
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